Firefox OS will live on in IoT

Like Samsung with Tizen, Mozilla admits defeat in smartphones, but hopes for opportunities in embedded devices

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Apple’s Swift is now open source

The firm will not port it to other operating systems, but programmers could now create cross-platform iOS/Android apps

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BT crosses key hurdle on road to quad play acquisition

The UK competition watchdog has given preliminary approval to telco BT’s bid to acquire the country’s largest mobile operator, EE.…

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ossia wireless charing

Ossia aims to leapfrog leaders in wireless charging

Like many areas of technology, wireless charging is going through simultaneous waves of consolidation and expansion. In core application areas,…

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Africa needs 700 MHz

Africa poised for 4G boom as 700 MHz goes global

The most important decision so far from the ITU’s World Radio Conference (WRC-15) is to move the 700 MHz band…

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The newest part of the Rethink Technology Research group, RIoT is built on 30 years of industry experience in news and research in wireless and digitals networks. Rethink already publishes paid services on digital media and cellular technology.

If you need to keep track of this rapidly changing industry, RIoT will prove essential to your understanding of the Internet of Things.

RIoT (Rethink Internet of Things) is the newest branch of Rethink Technology Research. Since our formation in 2002, we have conducted consulting assignments for many of the largest technology based businesses in the world, as well as some of the newest and freshest businesses. These have included writing business plans, supporting board room discussion and decisions, selecting technologies and suppliers, finding capital, writing white papers, and sparking ideas among strategy groups.

Our two core services have been Wireless Watch and Faultline. These weekly publications distil our thinking on the week’s events in the wireless communication and media delivery industries respectively. We focus on wireless, particularly LTE and LTE Advanced and mobile broadband with Wireless Watch, with digital media, taking in IPTV, OTT, and multiscreen, and triple and quad play in Faultline. This extends from advertising to gaming to video over the internet.

We believe we have experience, perspective, and a firm grasp of technology and how markets develop.

Our philosophy is simple. Assessing technology is not rocket science. It requires the simple ingredients of experience, perspective, and an up to date understanding of what technology can do right now and what it threatens to do in the future.

RIoT hopes to grow into the leading provider of IoT news and analysis, by proving invaluable to its readers and customers.

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