HTC 7 Pro coming soon to Sprint as the Arrive

Incoming Windows Phone 7 update gives green light for renamed handset

It seems as if the HTC 7 Pro, which has previously only been available in Europe, will be coming soon to Sprint in the US but will find itself renamed as the Arrive. The HTC 7 Pro was announced late last year though has been held up from being sold at Sprint by the release of the first Windows Phone 7 update which will bring Copy & Paste functionality and more importantly CDMA support to the OS.

The first sign that it would be coming soon to Sprint was Steve Ballmer’s indication at the Mobile World Congress that the first update for Windows Phone 7 will be arriving in March. A cryptic tweet last week from Sprint indicated that there’ll be the announcement of a new phone on February 24 and now there’s a page on Sprint’s website for the arrive, although it bears the message “Oops… we’re not quite ready yet”.

Key specs of the Arrive include a 3.6″ WVGA display with a 480×800 resolution, 1GHz processor and 8GB of internal storage. There’s also a full slideout QWERTY keyboard and a 5mp camera that can record HD video. The hardware isn’t overwhelming but reviews of the European version of the handset have been positive.

Available in Europe for a while now the HTC Pro 7 can be purchased for around £448 ($728) which may seem a bit high when compared to better spec’d Android handsets. It will be Sprint’s first Windows Phone 7 handset so there’s no indication of what it will cost on a contract and there have been no leaks regarding pricing from the carrier.

If the tweets are accurate then it seems like the Arrive will be officially launched on Sprint tomorrow when no doubt more details will be revealed about pricing and availability.

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