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Wireless News from Around the Web

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of Rethink Wireless - a round-up of key events in Wireless news and mobile news from around the web.

Rethink Wireless understands there are many sources for Wireless news, and while we deliver analysis on what we consider key events, we feel our Rethink Wireless readers should also be aware of potential changes in the market as a result of these events. Rethink Wireless will publish this Wireless news round up every Wednesday.


  • Huawei has announced a new strategy called Application Driven Networking (ADN) to provide voice, Internet, and M2M networks with the flexibility required for new IP applications – sounds familiarly like Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI).
  • The European Union’s Digital Commission is reportedly worried about falling behind Asia in 5G development. The Commission is calling a meeting in Brussels for CEOs and representative of the continent’s top telcos.
  • Boingo Wireless is planning to implement NFV and SDN through most of its WiFi networks in 2016. Boingo says 90% of data centers are virtualized, and 60% of processing is done in the cloud.
  • FCC filings show latest thinking on millimeter wave, meeting with AT&T results in proposal of new rules for higher band spectrum for 5G.


Smart Homes, Smart Cities

  • Ford has announced a deal with IBM to progress its Smart Mobility initiative by developing a pilot platform that analyzes vehicular data. The collaborative Smart Mobility Experimentation Platform aims to assist consumers in making more efficient decisions when behind the wheel.



  • AT&T has brought back its unlimited data plan in a desperate attempt to drive video subscribers up. The data plan will cost $100 per month, and will provide unlimited data, talk, and text.
  • Microsoft is developing its own SIM card and data app that would allow Windows 10 device users to bypass carriers. Users of the app and SIM will be able to pay for a short-term mobile data plan from the Windows Store.


M&A, Strategies, Alliances

  • Liberty Global is aiming for further expansion into Latin America, following its £3.5bn offer for Cable & Wireless Communications, according to CEO Mike Fries.
  • Orange CEO Stéphane Richard has finally spoken out about the Bouygues acquisition, after his company was forced to admit to preliminary discussions.



  • Mediatek has been talking up its inexpensive 5G chip project running OpenCL, aims to surpass Qualcomm and Broadcom by 2020. The Taiwanese chip giant aims to surpass Qualcomm and Broadcom by 2020.
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