Cisco fills the gap in its IoT stack with $1.4bn Jasper purchase

Cisco has filled a big gap in its Internet of Things portfolio by acquiring Jasper Technologies, the most established of the independent IoT connectivity and service platforms, for $1.4bn.

This purchase will go a long way to achieving a full end-to-end IoT solution for Cisco, from ‘fog’ and ‘mist’ computing (data intelligence at the very edge of the network); to cloud-based analytics and services; to the physical and virtual routers which underpin the latest Internet wave. Jasper brings it the ability to control connectivity, security, data collection and sensor/device management over cellular networks from the cloud.

This adds another element to the six-pillar IoT architecture which Cisco outlined last summer, and therefore to the range of services it offers its enterprise base. And, like Cisco’s alliance with Ericsson, Jasper also brings established contracts and trust among the mobile operators, and an enhanced opportunity to extend enterprise propositions to the carriers.

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