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AirTies lands Frontier WiFi deal for its smart mesh

Turkish WiFi specialist AirTies says it has landed one of its most significant US wins at Frontier Communications, which will use its WiFi Mesh architecture to extend wireless coverage throughout a home.

Frontier operates in 29 US states and has 2.5m broadband customers and 543,400 pay-TV users, which come from a combination of the Dish Network service, which it resells, and from U-Verse and FiOS, on fixed lines which Frontier has acquired from Verizon and AT&T. It may even include some resold AT&T DirecTV customers.

The AirTies WiFi will be bundled into the Frontier Secure broadband offering, undersold as a wireless extender, rather than for its full mesh capabilities. Most wireless extenders either work using a second SSID, which confuses the hell out of in-home devices, or are complex to set up. The AirTies system is a one-touch set-up, where the mesh shares information across different access points and all share the same SSID, and it has advanced facilities like client steering, which forces the correct selection of the closest AP in the right channel (5 GHz or 2.4 GHz) for each client, to share the load on the WLAN.

AirTies also has a mesh that will work over both WiFi and another fixed line medium such as powerline or MoCA, plus its Remote View software, which allows engineers to understand WiFi faults remotely and instantly fix them, which the firm boasts can enable WiFi to perform at close to its theoretical maximum. We would expect that Frontier may introduce these features after more experience with the AirTies devices.

AirTies has installed the powerline backhauled mesh at Sky’s Sky Q set top, but no customers have yet officially installed the Remote View software launched at TV Connect. Other AirTies customers include Vodafone, Singtel and Swisscom and its has spoken of upcoming deals with tier one US operators.

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