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VMware targets IoT expansion with Cross-Cloud Architecture

At its VMworld conference, virtualization specialist VMware announced its new Cross-Cloud Architecture, which it is pitching at customers looking to deploy across a common platform for their operations across public and private clouds – with Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft signed up to the initiative. The architecture aims to provide a single environment for applications, including IoT deployments.

The new architecture aims to provide a common methodology that developers and enterprises can use when rolling out or consolidating their enterprise IT projects – of which an increasing amount will feature some element of IoT technology in the coming years. With the system, the goal is to allow a VMware customer to use its products regardless of whose data center the servers are located in.

With a market cap of some $31.8bn, VMware is a major player in the software and services realm. It is similar to Red Hat, in that it makes its money by selling open source software-based services to customers. With desktop and server offerings, as well as dedicated cloud versions, VMware is planning to expand its enterprise presence to all manner of IoT devices too.

Last week, VMware announced new agreements with a number of companies, aimed at helping its enterprise customers to deploy and scale out IoT solutions. The collaborators include Bayshore Networks (security software), Dell (gateways, computers), Deloitte Digital (design and development), Intwine Connect (CloudBUS, broadband), PTC (ThingWorx application platform), and V5 Systems (portable IoT security, networking, power).

Citing IDC’s prediction that IoT spending will grow to nearly $1.3tn by 2019, VMware is hoping to carve out a nice chunk of that revenue – on the basis that enterprises will need huge IT resources to turn their pilot projects into large-scale commercial offerings. Better integrating the IT and OT worlds is also a lucrative opportunity for companies like VMware, for enterprises looking to streamline operations and support.

“IoT is the largest addressable market since the advent of the Internet, and the true potential of the IoT has yet to be realized in the enterprise. As a company that has been delivering technology innovations to enterprises for nearly 20 years, we will leverage our core strengths around device management, operational analytics, and security, to help bring specific IoT offerings to customers,” said Bask Iyer, CIO and GM IoT at VMware. “Our work with these companies will be important in helping businesses meet their strategic needs for IoT apps, analytics, hardware and services, ultimately extending their reach from the data center and cloud to the edge.”

The moves follow on from the launch of Liota (Little IoT Agent) in June, an open source gateway platform aimed at IoT developers, which VMware envisions forming the core part of both the IoT gateway that backhauls data from the network edge and as part of the central cloud application. Apps built using the Liota SDK, available on GitHub, would (in theory) work across multiple gateway types and vendors.

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