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Ericsson and Nokia boast of sub-2ms latency in T-Mobile trials

T-Mobile USA has been quieter about 5G than the other major operators, except when CTO Neville Ray has been attacking Verizon and AT&T for talking “5G BS”.

Now the company has announced the results of some trials of its own, achieving throughput of over 12Gbps for downloads, with ultra-low latency of under 2ms. The company has been conducting field trials in 28 GHz with Ericsson’s 5G radio prototypes, running on TMO’s 4G network and devices.

In February, the two companies agreed to develop and test selected 5G use cases and services to enable TMO to evaluate emerging 5G technologies and business models. This trial took place last month at Ericsson’s facilities and included test demonstrations of two-directional beam steering, operation of multiple simultaneous 4K video streams, and a voice call connection between 4G and 5G networks.

Arun Bansal, head of the network products business unit at Ericsson, said in a statement: “Smooth handover between 5G and advanced LTE networks will be critical to delivering a robust user experience especially with new media applications.”

T-Mobile is also working with Nokia on its 28GHz trials, using the vendor’s commercial ‘5G-ready’ AirScale radio platform. Nokia has not specified the connection speeds achieved in this trial, but it did claim even better latency at 1.8ms while streaming four simultaneous 4K videos.

Nokia and T-Mobile are also partners at the latter’s experience centre, which showcases use cases such as ‘ultra-definition’ 360° virtual reality, industry automation, massive connectivity and multi-connectivity.

“We’ve now brought 5G out of the lab and into the field,” said Ray.

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